Monthly Archives: July 2015

Turquoise Trail


Indian Jewelry_gallup
Fifty Cent went bankrupt in a rest stop with a jewelry store at
the I-40 Shell in New Mexico. If it wasn’t for the rain clouds 
it’d be on fire at Gallup Refinery, swaying in a bed of smoke
above a purple veil on the Turquoise Trail

I used to think the Continental Divide was a crevasse in Alaska or the North Pole
but no, it’s just beyond the exit ramp selling Kachina gifts and Bingo cards
Nothing is sacred if you only come here for the money man.
The mountain will whip you around like a souvenir rag doll,
it’s the biggest sky in the world. Any day trucks blanket prison parking lots 
save an extra five bucks on fuel fireworks.

All across route 66, EAT your weight in cheese fries and Scratch off Picks
“The Best Native American Experience Awaits You In Albuquerque”
it’s the stuff champions are made of,and don’t you forget it on the Turquoise Trail.

First time I headed west, signed up for a Driveaway and turned off in Flagstaff
Unloaded the trunk of all my stuff and bought a VW bus, on the spot
no questions asked
Met some guy at a trailer park, wify on the couch in the dark
Ransom paid in a sale never ends like Black Oil Shale on the Turquoise Trail

A baby picks a blade of grass on the funeral home lawn, waiting to go inside
It’s gonna’ happen, now or later’s not ever an option
You can’t go back, even if you tried
You could never pigeonhole your enough to jump from where you flew
One spot’s available for takeoff at a time, flying blind feels sublime 
on the Turquoise Trail.