Monthly Archives: March 2015

Home Sweet Home


home_redWe entered NY state via Jamestown and the sign read big and bold, “Welcome to NY”…and then a series of potholes rumbled under our car like a Fred Flinstonemobile…ah, just like I remembered it.


Step into it


charms.psdI have spent most of my adult life embracing or avoiding situations I felt above or not good enough to step into. A twenty something writer friend recently told me that she was supposed to be famous by now. Afterall, she said, “I’m almost thirty.” My eyes flew open at her confidence and swagger. When I was her age, I didn’t even know what a goal was. Sure, I had passion for the creative arts but transforming that into a so-called career, let alone a path that makes money, was a dream, no, a miracle. I said, “If you enjoy it, keep going. Stay true and don’t waiver in the face of laundry, bills cause passion is an artist’s life.” I always thought that by the time I got where I wanted to be, it wouldn’t matter all that much; money and attention would be more of a distraction. Yeah, by the time I get there, if I ever get there, wherever there is, I’ll be so entrenched in what I’m doing…I won’t even notice the world.