Down and out…but cute


In Los Angeles you have to be good looking to get a job-any job…even ones that don’t pay.
I mean, the pan handler on Venice Beach Blvd. was so ruggedly good looking with a stubbled, half growth Jared Leto goatee, precisely trimmed, Russel Crowe swagger…
Forget giving him a dollar,  I want a date.
Let me just hang out with him a couple hours on the freeway ramp…
He may be down and out…but he’s cute!

only in L.A.

being L.A.

This is an actual Craigslist’s post I spotted on their “housing wanted” section July 6, 2016. I had to read it twice in order to process the full intention-which, when I did, became glaringly clear.
(Note the Walmart reference below.)
Currently visiting the Valencia, Santa Clarita Area. Actually I’ve been stranded and really serious looking for different. So going straight home isnt on my list right now. If anyone feels likje doing a ggod deed i’m definately worth it. Now the perfect arrangement consists of a job as a personal assistant, a house aid ,and most of all a roommate who is a very healing massage therapist with the natural hands of a healer / and a excellent massage therapist. Now can exchange service for a discount in the rent. Opened to all possibilities to an arrangement to suit a roommate situation. If it sounds remotely inviting or compatible to what you maybe seeking then please by all means contact me for further details .Sexy ,fun ,down to earth, out going confidently pleasant. I’m at the Walmart in Valencia i’m not quite sure exactly where, 27931 Kelly Johnson Parkway,Valencia,CA.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

A Wizard’s Hat


My poem, “A Wizard’s Hat” was chosen out of 1300 submissions and published by the prestigious Dressingroom Poetry Journal
The multimedia music video I created inspired from my true life poem.

The moon and stars like a wizard’s hat welcomed June until she was gone.
When the Waffle House waitress asked if we left her tip in the bathroom,
she smiled and said, “Only kidding,” truckers smirked.
We stashed receipts in the glove box underneath antibacterial gel.
You need some out here when neon prices spike thirty cents higher and no one knows why.
Our car is a bubble of dripping ice on coins swallowed by a toll that winks
when her arm waves goodbye.


One stop livingroom/Day 15


When you live in a motel room, the bathroom’s next to the kitchen-which is kind of in the bedroom. The microwave’s stocked like a shelf with teas, bananas, honey and spices and yes, art supplies. You buy food and forget to unload it because there’s no space left anyway… like the time I walked around for a week with two avocados in my pocketbook, wondering why this darn thing’s so heavy.

art cushions tracking toilet pape_doodle